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Description:Contact Us

Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association (SAIIA) was approved by Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau for registration and formally established on May 23, 2017; it is the first national industry organization engaged in artificial intelligence, a non-profit industry social group voluntarily formed by units in electronic communication, big data, computer vision, natural speech processing, speech recognition, unmanned vehicles and other related fields.

I. Basic information

At present, the association has more than 20 full-time staff members, all of whom have undergraduate degrees or above, 40% of whom have postgraduate degrees, and have overseas study backgrounds in the U.S., U.K. and Australia, etc. The association is also continuously looking for outstanding talents to join the association. There are artificial intelligence expert committee, comprehensive department, membership department, project department, training department, international exchange department, industry research department, intellectual property protection workstation and other departments.

II. Membership

At present, the members of the association cover all walks of life, mainly from, computer vision, natural speech processing, speech recognition, unmanned vehicles and other related fields, the current president is ZTE Corporation, and the representatives of the members are Tencent, Baidu, Ping An Technology, Shang Tang Technology, Ke Da Xunfei, Horizon, China Telecom, Xin Wanda, Yuntian Li Fei, Canon, Dell, Tucson Future, Skyworth, Han Wang, Hisense, Ubiquity, Obi Zhongguang and other domestic companies in various segments of artificial intelligence.

Three, the expert committee

The Association's ad hoc expert committee, set the government, industry, academia, research, gold, business and other resources and forces, to create an authoritative academic research and exchange platform for various segments of the artificial intelligence industry, to accelerate the development of the artificial intelligence industry, training industry excellence, and the development of industry standards. At present, more than 70 experts and scholars from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Nanyang Technological University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen University and Sun Yat-sen University have joined the expert committee of the association to provide guidance and support for the combination of industry, academia and research.

IV. Outstanding Performance

In October 2018, the Association was recorded by the Shenzhen Municipal Administration of Market Supervision to set up a workstation for intellectual property protection in the artificial intelligence industry; in December 2018, it was approved by the Joint Party Committee of Shenzhen Future Industry Association to set up the Branch Committee of Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association; in November 2019, the Association was formally included in the first batch of members by the Shenzhen Union of Intellectual Property Protection Workstations led by the Shenzhen Municipal Administration of Market Supervision; in July 2020, the Association was accepted as a full member by the Futian District Talent Alliance led by the Futian District Talent Work Bureau.

V. Honors

Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association has been honored by authorities at all levels for many times. In 2019, it was rated as a 4A-level social organization by Shenzhen Municipal Social Organization Evaluation Committee, and in 2020, it won the 7th place in the "Assessment of Vitality of Business Associations in Futian District" organized by Futian District Enterprise Service Development Center; meanwhile, the secretary of the branch committee of Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association was awarded the title of "Excellent Party Branch Secretary".

VI. Work Highlights

(A) Brand meeting steadily promoted

Since its establishment, the association has actively contributed to the rapid development of AI industry, carried out various activities and cultivated a series of brand conference projects. Three annual industry summits on artificial intelligence in China, four global conferences on artificial intelligence entrepreneurs, and five summits on artificial intelligence leaders in China have been held, inviting nearly 300 top industry experts, academic scholars and business leaders, with a total of nearly 30,000 professional visitors. 

(II) Artificial Intelligence Exhibition successfully held

The first Shenzhen (International) Artificial Intelligence Exhibition (referred to as GAIE) was successfully held in Futian, Shenzhen from August 27 to 29, with the theme of "Intelligence Changes the Future - Innovation Leads the World", through the exhibition, Global AI Entrepreneur Conference, 5G+AI Digitalization Forum, Industry-Academia-Research Seminar, AI+Intellectual Property Forum, AI Talent Forum, and AI Talent Summit. The exhibition, the Global AI Entrepreneur Conference, the 5G+AI Digitalization Forum, the Industry-Academia-Research Seminar, the AI+Intellectual Property Forum, the AI Talents Forum, the Project Fair and other activities were held to showcase the remarkable results achieved in the field of AI in Shenzhen and even in the country. The exhibition area of 7,500 square meters, 36,553 people to view the exhibition.

(C) Industry self-regulation and standardization initiatives

In August 2019, the Association issued the "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Industry Self-Regulation Convention" to AI enterprises to promote technology for good and sustainable development of AI technology, and to enhance the level of industry services and self-regulatory awareness. in April 2020, the Association issued the "Law-abiding Business Initiative for Enterprises in Artificial Intelligence" to AI enterprises, calling for the promotion of integrity and compliant operation.

(D) high quality completion of subject research

In order to better meet the comprehensive needs of government and enterprises for industry, the association has an industry research department with six researchers on staff. The research team has been engaged in research on the development of artificial intelligence for a long time, and has undertaken and completed research on industrial topics and government service projects for many times for various competent departments at Shenzhen and district levels, outputting 21 topic reports, providing an important basis and reference for decision-making and policy formulation of relevant departments; and according to the According to the development of artificial intelligence, the Association has established the mechanism of issuing annual white papers on artificial intelligence, and issued white papers on the development of artificial intelligence industry to the industry in August every year, and has issued "2019 White Paper on the Development of Artificial Intelligence Industry" and "2020 White Paper on the Development of Artificial Intelligence Industry", etc.

(V) Effective transfer of government functions

Establish a high-quality, all-round expert database resources, currently about 13,000 experts registered, involving various industry sectors, to undertake government functions, project evaluation and other work to provide effective protection. The Association has undertaken the transfer of government functions for many times and organized relevant departments and experts to complete the project evaluation work efficiently.

VI. Advantages of the Association

Powerful think tank group. The association has gathered more than 70 experts and scholars from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Singapore Nanyang Technological University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen University, Sun Yat-sen University, etc. to join the expert committee of the association, using the wisdom and talents of experts to advise on the research and development in the field of artificial intelligence.

Professional research capability. The association has a senior industry research team with strong professional advantages in AI-related fields, and has carried out relevant thematic research for the Shenzhen Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Science and Technology Innovation Commission and the regional governments of Futian District, Nanshan District and Longhua District for many times, which has been fully affirmed and highly evaluated by the partners.

Rich data resources. The association carries out data collection, market research and other statistical work on a daily basis, and has established industry databases and formed diversified data resource channels, which provide a powerful data platform to support industrial research and decision-making consultation for different types of users.

Numerous member units. The association has nearly 300 member units, including ZTE, Baidu, Shangdong, China Telecom, Sogou, KDDI, YuntianliFei, Ubiquity, Dell, Tucson Future and other well-known enterprises, covering various segments of artificial intelligence.

Close cooperation with government departments. As a "link" between the government and enterprises, Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association fully cooperates with relevant government departments and actively organizes and implements government work related to AI industry development, such as organizing and hosting government industry forums, industry conferences, study tours, etc., to jointly promote better economic development of the industry.

Open international vision. The Association has established cooperation and exchange mechanisms with many countries, and has long been communicating with the governments, institutions and enterprises of Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Switzerland and other countries to strengthen cooperation and research in the field of science and technology.


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