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Inaugural Exhibitor List (some representative companies)
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Inaugural Exhibitor List (some representative companies)

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(Summary description)The first Shenzhen International Artificial Intelligence Exhibition attracted 103 well-known domestic and foreign enterprises to participate in the exhibition, such as Huawei, Tencent, Byte Jump, Ping An of China, Myriad Medical, Kuangwei Technology, Tesla, Azera, Yuntian Lifei, Bank of China, and Huina Technology.

Inaugural Exhibitor List (some representative companies)

(Summary description)The first Shenzhen International Artificial Intelligence Exhibition attracted 103 well-known domestic and foreign enterprises to participate in the exhibition, such as Huawei, Tencent, Byte Jump, Ping An of China, Myriad Medical, Kuangwei Technology, Tesla, Azera, Yuntian Lifei, Bank of China, and Huina Technology.

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  • Time of issue:2021-02-01 10:04
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Note: ranked in no particular order

1. Huawei Technologies Co.



Founded in 1987, Huawei is a leading global provider of ICT (information and communication) infrastructure and smart terminals. We are committed to bringing the digital world to every person, every family, and every organization, and building an intelligent world where everything is connected: making ubiquitous connectivity an equal right for everyone; providing the world with the strongest computing power, making the cloud ubiquitous, and making intelligence omnipresent; making all industries All industries and organizations become agile, efficient and vibrant because of the powerful digital platform; redefine experience through AI, allowing consumers to get the ultimate personalized experience in all scenes such as home, office and travel. Huawei currently has about 194,000 employees, with operations in more than 170 countries and regions, serving more than 3 billion people.


2. Tencent (Shenzhen) Computer Systems Co.



Founded in Shenzhen, China in November 1998 and listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in June 2004, Tencent enriches the lives of Internet users with technology. Through its communication and social platforms WeChat and QQ, Tencent facilitates user connections and helps them connect to digital content and lifestyle services. Helping brands and marketers reach hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers through an effective advertising platform. Facilitate partners' business development and digital upgrade through financial technology and enterprise services. The Tencent 5G Eco Plan relies on the product, technology and network capabilities of Tencent AI Lab, Robotics X, Multimedia Lab, Future Network Lab, Youtu Lab, Network Platform Department, Cloud Architecture Platform Department and Tencent START Cloud Game Platform, unites the strong resources of operators, terminal brands, equipment manufacturers and other partners, and relies on Tencent's rich multimedia Through technical capabilities, user traffic, channel resources and brand capital, Tencent will join hands with operators and 5G application developers to explore new applications, new content and new scenarios, collaborate with Tencent's 5G City Plan, and create a new 5G ecology.


3. Xiaomi Technology Co.



Officially founded in April 2010, Xiaomi is an Internet company with cell phones, smart hardware and IoT platform as its core. In just seven years of business, Xiaomi's annual revenue has surpassed RMB 100 billion. As of 2018, Xiaomi has a presence in more than 80 countries and regions around the world. Xiaomi's mission is to always make good products that touch people's hearts and are affordable, so that everyone around the world can enjoy the good life brought by technology. At present, Xiaomi is the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, and has entered the top five cell phone markets in more than 30 countries and regions, especially in India, where it has been the number one cell phone shipper for five consecutive quarters. Through its unique "eco-chain model", Xiaomi has invested in and driven more like-minded entrepreneurs, and built an IoT platform connecting more than 130 million smart devices. large tech IPO in Hong Kong history and the third largest tech IPO in the world in history at that time.


4.Shenzhen Yuntian Lifei Technology Co.



Ltd. was founded in August 2014, as a leading digital city solution provider with AI algorithm chip capability, the company is committed to structuring the physical world through AI technology to create a digital twin city. Relying on the first-class international expert team and "full-stack" AI technology platform, the company has created products and solutions for public safety, urban governance, new business and other fields, with the dual-zone drive of Shenzhen first demonstration zone - Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area as the base, and Qingdao, Chengdu, Changsha, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities as the beacon. With cities such as Qingdao, Chengdu, Changsha, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing as the beacon, our business radiates to more than 100 cities at home and abroad.


5. Ping An Technology (Shenzhen) Co.

Ping An Technology is a technology solution specialist of Ping An Group, committed to using artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other cutting-edge technologies to empower the five ecosystems of financial services, healthcare, automotive services, real estate services and smart cities. With smart technology as the means and "infinite technology" as the value proposition, Ping An Technology actively implements the corporate philosophy of "technology changes life" and aspires to become a leading international "AI+ cloud" company. The company aims to become a leading international "AI+Cloud" company. As the high-tech core of Ping An Group, technology solutions have been applied in more than 550 scenarios, and actively incubate smart businesses to help build an ecological closed loop. Ping An Cloud, as a comprehensive output platform of Ping An services, provides IaaS, PaaS and SaaS full-stack cloud services for the whole industry, and has built an ecosystem that has served over 500 million users and expanded to overseas markets.

6. Ant Technology Group Co.



Ant Group is the parent company of Alipay, China's largest mobile payment platform, and the world's leading open platform for financial technology. It is committed to using technology to drive the digital upgrade of the global modern service industry, including the financial services industry, and working with partners to provide inclusive, green and sustainable services to consumers and micro and small businesses, bringing small but beautiful changes to the world.


7. Intel & Hard Egg Robotics Innovation Ecology



Intel Robotics Innovation Ecosystem is a China robotics industry ecological alliance jointly initiated by Intel and Hard Egg. With the resources of Intel, Hard Egg and partners, it is committed to helping domestic and foreign robotics industry innovators solve problems in technology, solution design, supply chain, brand promotion, sales channels and financing, to build a perfect robotics industry ecology in China and promote the rapid and healthy development of China and global robotics industry.


8. Beijing Byte Jumping Technology Co.



Ltd. was founded in March 2012, and is one of the first technology companies to apply artificial intelligence to the mobile Internet scene. The company's vision is to build a "global creation and communication platform". The globalization of ByteDance began in 2015, and "technology to the sea" is the core strategy of ByteDance's globalization development. Its products include Today's Headlines, Watermelon Video, Jitterbug, Volcano Video, PiPi Shrimp, KnowHow, Wukong Q&A, etc.


9.Beijing KuangShi Technology Co.



Founded in 2011, KuangShi is an industry-leading artificial intelligence company with core competencies in deep learning, headquartered in Beijing with nearly 3,000+ employees. KuangShi provides customers with full-stack solutions including advanced algorithms, platform software, application software and IoT devices with embedded AI capabilities, and has achieved leadership in multiple industries. KuangShi is one of the few companies in the world with self-developed deep learning framework. Brain++, KuangShi's self-developed deep learning framework, serves as a unified underlying architecture and provides important support for algorithm training and model improvement process. As a pioneer in commercialization of AI technology, KuangShi focuses on three core scenarios, namely, urban IoT, personal IoT and supply chain IoT, and empowers customers in different verticals by providing a variety of efficient full-stack solutions.


10.Shenzhen ZTE Netcom Technology Co.



Shenzhen ZTE Netcom Technology Co., Ltd (ZTE Netcom), established in 2009, is a subsidiary of ZTE Corporation focusing on smart cities, providing smart life services for citizens, enterprises and governments, and launching business operations in the fields of healthcare, education, tourism and big data. Through technological innovation to achieve "data-driven smart industry", ZTE Netcom has become a leader in "Internet+" platform and operation services for smart industry. ZTE Netcom, formerly known as ZTE ICT product line, relies on ZTE's many years of communication and IT technology accumulation and globalization platform, ZTE Netcom has formed two marketing regions in the south and north of China, with 20 local subsidiaries; in the international arena, the marketing network has spread all over the world, gradually forming five major marketing management centers in Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America and CIS.


11. Zhuhai Hengqin Advanced Intelligent Computing Center



Ltd. is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Hengqin advanced intelligent computing platform and the research and development of the AI platform system, and is dedicated to building "Ltd. is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Hengqin advanced intelligent computing platform and the research and development of the AI platform system. The Institute has been approved as one of the first high-level innovation institutes in Guangdong Province. Hengqin Artificial Intelligence Supercomputing Center The Hengqin Advanced Intelligent Computing Platform is jointly built in Hengqin by CAS, Guangdong Province, Zhuhai City and Hengqin New Area, and aims to be listed as the "National Intelligent Computer Research and Development Center (Hengqin)", with a sub-center to be set up in Hong Kong and Macao. The computing platform is based on the important research results of the CAS Strategic Pioneer Project "Domestic Secure and Controllable Advanced Computer System", and the whole series of servers and Cambuji AI accelerator cards (neuron network special chip) are used. The overall planning of Hengqin Advanced Intelligent Computing Platform is divided into three phases, and the arithmetic power will reach 4Eops (10 billion billion times/sec) when it is fully completed, and 1.16 Eops has been completed by the end of 2019.


12.Huina Technology Co.



Founded in 2004, Winatech is a preeminent artificial intelligence and big data industry solution provider, listed on GEM in 2017 (stock code: 300609.SZ). We provide data collection, data management and data operation services based on offline physical business scenarios with the integrated use of ABI technology. We have been providing offline big data analysis services to more than 2,000 shopping centers and 50,000 branded retail stores nationwide. We also provide urban refinement management and precise government services to the public sector, supporting the Ministry of Commerce, metro airports, cultural and museum exhibition halls, etc. "It provides one-stop solutions for shopping centers and retail brands in terms of customer positioning optimization, business target optimization, operation optimization, marketing campaign optimization and recruitment optimization. In addition, the world's leading provider of store visualization management and commercial big data analysis services, Cloud Eye, and the mall intelligent navigation system, Qianmu, are both core brands of Huina.


13.Yunsheng Intelligent Technology Co.



Focusing on IoT AI services, Cloudtalk is an artificial intelligence company with the world's leading intelligent voice technology and fully independent intellectual property rights. Headquartered in Beijing, with branches in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Xiamen and Hefei, the company employs over 500 people. Driven by the three-stage rocket strategy of "basic platform + full-stack technology + industry scenarios", Cloudtalk has independently developed and built the Atlas AI supercomputing platform for AI algorithms and applications, with 100 billion times floating point computing capacity and the world's leading computing power. Starting from interaction, the company has built multimodal AI hardcore technologies such as intelligent speech, cognitive and expression, supercomputing platform, visual image and machine translation around three major directions: perception intelligence, cognitive intelligence and general intelligence, and packaged these capabilities on top of its own AI chip. Through the integrated product system of "cloud + core", we can export full-stack AI technology capabilities to different industries and form a closed loop of industrialized application of AI technology.


14.Shenzhen Saiwei Intelligence Co.



Founded in 1997 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in January 2010, SaiWei Intelligence (300044) is a leading domestic listed company in artificial intelligence software and hardware products and solutions, with its main business covering four major sectors: artificial intelligence, big data, smart city, and culture and entertainment. It provides hardware and software products and solutions for dual-use drones, special/service/industrial robots, smart cities, data centers, rail transportation, face recognition, etc. for customers in many industries around the world. Our product technologies are among the leading ones in the world and at home. The company has 4 national high-tech enterprises, 1 academician workstation, 2 postdoctoral research stations, and 11 provincial and municipal research and innovation platforms. The company has 522 patents and soft documents.


15.Shenzhen SmartBest Technology Co.



Ltd. is a leading artificial intelligence enterprise in China, focusing on product development and application in the field of artificial intelligence with face recognition technology as its core. Let artificial intelligence enter thousands of households, make property management more convenient and fast, make the community safer, and let everyone experience a beautiful intelligent life. In the field of intelligent manufacturing, the company relies on the core technology of the chip and makes every effort to promote the industrialization of computer vision technology from the user's demand. With its own first-mover advantage in deep learning in China, the company actively conducts research on frontier theory exploration and advanced algorithm architecture. The company adopts a focused business strategy, actively promoting the transformation of technology research and development into commercial practice, and comprehensively laying out technology research and development and industrialization promotion of intelligent transportation, intelligent community, machine vision and intelligent security. We strive to become the leader of "Smart China" industry.


16.Financial Ichiban



Finance One aims to build the world's leading Technology - as-a-Service ("TaaS") platform for financial institutions and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2019 (ticker symbol "OCFT"), a national high-tech enterprise. The company blends its rich experience in financial services with leading technology to provide financial institutions with ""technology + business"" solutions to help customers achieve "three up and two down", i.e., improve revenue, improve efficiency, improve service quality, reduce risk, reduce costs and achieve digital transformation. As an associate company of Ping An Group of China, Financial One has 30 years of experience in the financial industry and provides end-to-end services for banks, insurance, investment and other financial industry verticals. Currently, Financial One has 16 solutions covering the entire process from marketing and customer acquisition, risk management and customer service, as well as the underlying technology services from data management, intelligent operation to cloud platform.


17. Tesla



Tesla's mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. Tesla was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers who wanted to prove that electric cars were better, faster, and more fun to drive than fuel cars. Tesla believes that the sooner the world moves away from dependence on fossil fuels and toward zero emissions, the better the future will be for humanity.


18. Azure Automotive Technology Co.



Azera is a global smart electric vehicle company founded in 2014. Azera is committed to creating an enjoyable lifestyle for its customers by providing high-performance smart electric vehicles with the ultimate user experience. The company has established R&D and production facilities in Shanghai, Hefei, Beijing, San Jose, Munich and Oxford, and has established a nationwide customer service system in China. In 2016, Azera launched the EP9, one of the world's fastest electric cars, setting records for the fastest lap times on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife and the fastest unmanned speed in the world; in 2017, Azera launched the concept car EVE; on June 28, 2018, Azera started to officially deliver the flagship smart electric SUV, the Azera ES8; on September 12, 2018, Azera went public on the New York Stock Exchange; on December 15, 2018, the smart electric car was launched. On December 15, 2018, Azera ES6, the smart electric all-rounder SUV, was officially launched; on June 18, 2019, Azera ES6 officially opened for customer delivery; on December 28, 2019, Azera officially launched Azera EC6, the smart electric coupe SUV, and the fully upgraded smart electric flagship SUV, Azera On April 19, 2020, the new Azera ES8 will be delivered to customers; on April 29, 2020, the Azera China headquarters will be located in Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone; on July 24, 2020, the Azera EC6 will be launched.


19.Shenzhen Wrap Smart Driving Technology Co.



AutoX was founded in September 2016 in Silicon Valley by Dr. Jianxiong Xiao, a world-renowned expert in computer vision perception and driverlessness and a professor at Princeton University, and is a leading company in the global autonomous driving industry. As a driverless technology platform company, AutoX's mission is to create the safest and most experienced artificial intelligence driver, AutoX Driver, with the world's top driverless R&D staff from MIT, Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, Cal Berkeley and other universities. AutoX has the world's top driverless researchers from MIT, Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, California Berkeley and other world-class universities, as well as top driverless companies such as Google Waymo, GM Cruise and Apple Unmanned Vehicles. The company covers the whole R&D chain of autonomous driving, including sensors, perception, maps, positioning, decision making, planning, control, hardware, system engineering, and cloud services. The company has completed investments from many car manufacturers including SAIC ( No.1 in China ), Dongfeng Motor ( No.2 in China ), Alibaba AEF, MediaTek MTK, etc., and is one of the largest autonomous driving companies in Asia. In the future, AutoX will integrate big data, cloud computing, virtual simulation, 5G, V2X and other cutting-edge technologies to lead the whole autonomous driving industry in artificial intelligence and commercialization landing level.


20.Shenzhen Yuanrong Qixing Technology Co.



Shenzhen Yuanrong Qixing Technology Co., Ltd. is an international L4 autonomous driving solution provider, providing multi-application scenarios and customized autonomous driving solutions for car companies, Tier1, travel companies and logistics enterprises. The company has R&D centers in Shenzhen and Beijing, with 80% of R&D staff, covering the whole R&D chain of autonomous driving, including hardware system, high precision map and positioning, perception, planning and control, infrastructure, cloud computing and storage, and operation and maintenance. The core team of Yuanrong Qixing has rich experience in R&D and commercialization, and brings together PhDs from Tsinghua, Peking University, Carnegie Mellon, Singapore National University, and elites who have worked for top technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, Intel, and General Motors. In September 2019, Yuanrong Qixing received nearly $50 million in funding from several well-known institutions.


21. Coors Commercial Robotics Co.



Coors Commercial Robotics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Coors Robotics, a leading service robotics brand, providing intelligent robot solutions for industrial applications, covering finance, government, retail and other fields. In May 2018, Coors was listed on the A-share, becoming the "first stock of service robot" in China. Coors invests more than 150 million yuan in R&D each year, with more than 600 core R&D staff. Relying on more than 10 years' accumulation of motion platform technology, Coors commercial robots have SLAM indoor mobile positioning and navigation technology to ensure the service capability of all scenes; multimodal interaction technology to make human-robot communication smooth and natural by means of information display, expressions and actions; NLP technology and human-robot collaboration technology are seamlessly integrated to accurately obtain user intent. Coors commercial robots have always been committed to independent research and development of "AI + service robot" technology and products, to be the most intelligent robot service provider who understands the application scenarios.


22.Beijing Tadge Smart Technology Co.



Ltd. was established in 2016, which is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and product development of unmanned mining vehicle technology and the design and implementation of unmanned mine overall engineering solutions. Tadge Smart launched the vehicle-ground-cloud cooperative intelligent mine unmanned transportation system, which realizes a complete set of mine transportation unmanned solution consisting of intelligent scheduling management in the cloud, 4G/5G vehicle network communication, intelligent roadside unit and vehicle intelligent terminal. The solution is highly versatile and can be adapted to two major mining truck categories, namely large mining dump trucks and wide body dump trucks, and is compatible with multiple brands and models, while supporting the production adaptation of new driverless models and the unmanned upgrading of in-use vehicles. Tadge Smart serves the national development strategy of "new infrastructure" and "smart mine", and constantly carries out technical innovation, with unique technical advantages as a guide and engineering implementation capability as a guarantee, to provide safe, efficient, economic and green unmanned transportation technology for open pit mines. We will provide safe, efficient, economical and green unmanned transportation technology for open pit mines.


23. Shenzhen Myriad Biomedical Electronics Co.



Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Myriad supplies medical devices to the global market. It has subsidiaries in more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions in China and 40 subsidiaries outside China. The company employs nearly 10,000 people worldwide, including more than 20 percent in R&D and 12 percent in foreign employment, from more than 30 countries and regions, forming a vast global R&D, marketing and service network. Myriad's main business covers three major areas: life information and support, in vitro diagnostics, and medical imaging. Through cutting-edge technology innovation, Myriad provides better product solutions to help the world improve medical conditions and enhance the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.


24.Beijing Tilu Deep Vision Technology Co.


It is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on 3D machine vision and artificial intelligence, founded in August 2015, with headquarters in Beijing and branch offices in Hefei, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai, etc. It is an international leader in the technology direction of structured light depth perception, 3D real-time high-precision reconstruction, 3D tracking recognition and perception. Based on the product strategy of "cloud, end and core", Zulu Deep Vision provides 3D vision perception products and solutions with high accuracy within interaction distance that can be popularized on a large scale, covering Edge AI chips, intelligent modules, general products and industry solutions. For security, security, border inspection, finance, community information, consumer electronics, super retail, virtual reality and other vertical segments, the relevant products have accumulated a large number of practical applications, but also established the first provincial 3D portrait database, constantly enriched with a large amount of real data, so that the Lu deep vision to leading technology to empower the real world, to create value for industry customers.


25.Shenzhen Extreme View Technology Co.



Ltd. is a professional artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithm provider founded in 2015, and has received hundreds of millions of dollars in Series B funding led by Qualcomm Ventures and China Resources Innovation Fund. The management team comes from top companies and labs from Tencent, Huawei, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Peking University, etc., and has the world's leading video analysis technology and the world's most extensive image recognition algorithm category. We have brought together over 100,000 AI developers across the country, providing developers with an underlying AI development platform; at the same time, we have created the first visual algorithm mall in China, accumulating over 510 image recognition algorithms, providing scenario-based image recognition algorithm technology to over 100 industries and 1,000 government and enterprise customers, and are committed to empowering traditional enterprises to We are committed to empowering traditional enterprises to transform and upgrade their artificial intelligence and to help transform the old and new dynamics into high quality landing.


26. Liuzhou Smart Vision Technology Co.



Ltd., founded in September 2014, is located in Liuzhou Hi-tech Zone Information Industry Park, bringing together more than 40 outstanding. The company has been committed to the development of the world's most cutting-edge general artificial intelligence (AGI) technology, the founder and chief technical adviser research and development of this technology are more than thirty years, and with the American AGI Society and the Chinese AGI Society (preparation) to establish a good academic exchange mechanism. Now we have developed a preliminary general intelligence system with powerful self-learning, logical reasoning and thinking ability, which can be used as a development platform in the future to enter training data from various industries and can replace human beings to complete all kinds of brain work.

27.Mio Technology Industry (Shenzhen) Co.



The company relies on a strong team of international scientists, with more than 60 AI experts on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, and is committed to the underlying research and development of Chinese AI, with "human brain imitation" AI technology as the core result, exporting underlying algorithms and models to major application enterprises, and empowering Chinese AI vendors. At present, we have achieved milestones in the application areas of education, social networking, and blockchain subject identification.


28. Deep Thinking Artificial Intelligence Robotics (Beijing) Co.



iDeepWise is an AI company focusing on brain-like artificial intelligence and deep learning core technologies. The core team is composed of first-line AI scientists and business experts from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University, and the company's most prominent technology is the "multimodal deep semantic understanding engine ( technology", which can simultaneously understand the deep semantics behind multimodal unstructured data such as text and visual images. Among them, the machine reading comprehension technology for long text, the free cross-domain multi-round human-machine dialogue technology, and the semantic understanding technology for multi-modal information are the most prominent technical advantages of Deepwise, which is in the leading position in the field of AI semantic understanding in the industry. At present, it is mainly implemented in smart cars, smart phones, smart homes, smart medical and health applications, and is continuously expanding in scale.


29.Shenzhen Weir Electric Co.



In 2007, Will Electric successfully demonstrated the world's first alcohol car lock with face recognition in California, USA. Since then, Will Electric has continued to invest in artificial intelligence. Today more than 60 countries are using Will Electric's AI products and we are ready for the next evolution of AI.


30.Shanghai Timi Robotics Co.



Shanghai Timi Robotics Co., Ltd. is the first high-tech enterprise that provides intelligent robot solutions for smart medical scenarios in China. In the first three years of its establishment, the company has received 4 rounds of investment from well-known investment institutions, such as Guoke Jiahe, IDG, Coors, Jinpu, Pudong Science and Technology, and Zhangjiang Science and Technology Investment, with a total amount of several hundred million RMB. Timi Robot uses medical robots as a carrier to build a medical wisdom system, covering the fields of operating room drugs, consumables, instrument management, ward care and hospitalization management, improving the efficiency of decision making and supervision for hospitals, improving the medical experience for patients, reducing medical costs, and reducing occupational injuries for healthcare workers. With the continuous development of AI technology, chip technology and 5G technology, the product line of Titanium Rice medical robot continues to be enriched and complete. At present, hundreds of TMI medical robots and nearly ten medical robot products have been applied to more than two hundred and thirty large tertiary hospitals in China. As a leader in the medical robot industry, TMI is continuously helping the construction and development of intelligent hospitals through the deep integration of robotics and medical business.


31.Guangzhou Gao Xinxing Robotics Co.



(formerly known as Guangzhou Suncloud Online Technology Co., Ltd.) is the robot brand of GaoXinxing Technology Group Company Limited (stock code: 300098), a domestic outstanding smart city operator. Focusing on patrol robots, GaoXinxing Robotics launched indoor patrol robots for the first time in 2014, and successively launched outdoor patrol robots, three-dimensional patrol and other series of products, aiming to become the first brand of patrol robots made in China. Gao Xinxing Robot focuses on the customized development and promotion of enterprise-level patrol robots, with independent intellectual property rights of machine vision, artificial intelligence and other core technologies, to create a "robot + security" dynamic fusion of three-dimensional patrol system for customers, widely used in corporate parks, real estate, operators, finance, storage and logistics, intelligent factories and other scenarios. Intelligent factories and other scenarios. The patrol robot has been popularized and applied in many industries and fields.


32.Shenzhen Sense Farm Intelligent Technology Co.



(hereinafter referred to as Sense Agriculture Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.) is a technology company specializing in agricultural artificial intelligence. Located in Shenzhen Nanshan District Science and Technology Park, the company is committed to the application of artificial intelligence technology and big data technology in the diagnosis and control of crop pests and weeds. In November 2018, the company developed its first agricultural AI product "Know Farm", which is based on massive agricultural pest and disease data, and uses AI technology to identify pests, diseases and weeds of citrus, grapes, rice, apples, wheat and other crops in seconds. The APP can identify many kinds of pests and diseases and more than 1,400 kinds of weeds, with an accuracy rate of up to 98%. The recognition accuracy rate is ahead of similar products in China and abroad. Since its establishment in 2018, KnowNong Intelligence has won numerous industry awards, becoming the first member of Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association in August 2019; the runner-up of "Guangxi Digital Agriculture Summit and Global Data Intelligence Competition" in October 2019; and the winner of "China Artificial Intelligence Benchmark Award" and "Second Prize of China AI+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Grand Final" in November 2019; "NVIDIA GTC Conference Grand Prize" in December 2019 "In December 2019, we won the Grand Prize at the NVIDIA GTC Conference. ZhiNong Intelligence creates a new chapter of smart agriculture and empowers global agriculture.


33.Takenama Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Co.



Founded in 2015 by Jenny Kan, former Vice President of Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Institute, Bamboo Intelligence provides a one-stop open platform for emotional AI services based on unique research on emotional computing, natural language understanding, deep learning, knowledge graphs and other AI technologies to develop conversational bots with emotional recognition capabilities and knowledge engines with cognitive capabilities. Bot Factory ™, full-duplex full-scene AI Contact Center platform solution, Gemini augmented intelligence knowledge engine, NLP deep network platform, Scorpio machine learning platform, and WFEA automated workflow configured according to business needs. The one-stop enterprise level emotional AI platform is built with human-computer interaction technologies of text, image and speech and Jukma's self-developed "multimodal emotion recognition model" to create an emotional AI that can read, see, hear, remember, self-learn and truly understand human language and text.


34.Beijing Film Spectrum Technology Co.



With the industrialization of artificial intelligence vision technology as its main goal, Shadow Spectrum is a leading provider of intelligent image production technology and application solutions in China. The company focuses on the technical research of the production efficiency and presentation interaction of visual content, and provides one-stop intelligent solutions for media, culture, science and education and other multi-industry fields. Through the dual business growth engines of ACM+AGC, we are able to empower the industry chain extensively. At present, we have established joint labs with China Academy of Science and Peking University, aiming to explore new innovation mechanisms and models of industry-academia-research cooperation to unleash the greater potential of AI. With its outstanding commercialization capability and technology application breadth and depth, Shadowpix has been awarded the "Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Progress Award" and "High-tech Leading Enterprise".


35.Shenzhen Chasing One Technology Co.



We specialize in deep learning and natural language processing, providing AI full-stack services of intelligent semantics, speech and vision. Our AI digital workforce intelligence platform can be deeply integrated with business scenarios to provide different types of AI digital workforce to meet the needs of enterprises and government users in a variety of scenarios such as service, marketing, operations, and office, helping them to reduce costs and improve efficiency, improve user experience, and drive innovation and growth. Chasing One AI digital workforce intelligence platform can provide AI digital workforce products and solutions to serve different industries and scenarios according to customer needs, and is applied to government and head enterprises of banking, insurance, securities, automotive, energy, real estate, e-commerce, cultural travel, education, consumer electronics and other industries to promote the intelligent transformation of enterprises and governments. Chasing One is a Gartner Cool Vendor, and has been selected as one of the CB Insights Global AI Startups 100, the only Chinese company selected in the Sales & Customer Relationship Management category.


36.Beijing Bang Bang Security Technology Co.



With the vision of becoming a global security service leader and the mission of "protecting smart life", Knang Security always takes customers as the center, and creates a safe and reliable cyberspace ecological environment for government, enterprises, developers and consumers through professional security services. As a leader, Bang Bang Security has created and prospered the blue ocean market of mobile application security, established a comprehensive mobile application security protection ecosystem, and formed a "one and two wings" business system with security services as the main body, linking mobile security and IoT security, and a "four-in-one" business system consisting of technology, products, solutions and consulting services. The "four-in-one" industry and research system consists of technology, products, solutions and consulting services. Knock-Knock Security is looking at security from the essence level and doing security from the protection angle, realizing the joint prevention and control from soft and hard, from inside to outside, linking the network security industry and cultivating the network security ecology. In the future, Bang Bang Security will take network security as the core, develop and set up the Bang Bang Group, including Bang Bang Consulting, Bang Bang Integration, Bang Bang Service, Bang Bang Education, etc., to protect people's smart life in the era of Internet of everything!


37.GWT (Shanghai) Intelligent Technology Co.


Graviti is an AI startup technology company. It is a one-stop AI service platform for unstructured data storage, annotation, model training and management prediction. We hope to solve the pain points of expensive, low quality and inefficient data in the intelligent development of industry customers through witty product experience and our own technical advantages. 2019 since its inception, we have received more than $10 million in support from Sequoia Capital, Yunqi Capital, Zhenge Fund, Wind and Investment and other first-tier capital.


38.Shanghai Heavy Union Information Technology Co.



Ltd. ("Zhongmeng Technology"), founded in 2013, is a business intelligence technology service platform, using ABM intelligent technology (AIot+Big Data+Marketing), around the enterprise " The company uses ABM intelligent technology (AIot+Big Data+Marketing) to build an online and offline business intelligence ecosystem around the survival proposition of "reducing costs and increasing efficiency, controlling risks", driven by the twin wheels of "intelligent marketing" and "intelligent risk control", to help enterprises transform and upgrade digitally and realize intelligent business development. In October 2018, Zhongmeng Technology announced the latest round of 500 million Series C investment. The company has received Internet big brother-level investment since its inception, and has completed 5 rounds of financing in 2 years from 2016 -2018, with investors including IDG Capital, Yunfeng Fund, Tiantu Capital, Xinzhongli Capital, Jingdong Digital Technology, Kunzhong Capital, Shengjing Netlink, Jiuding Investment, etc.


39.Beijing Cloud Measurement Information Technology Co.



(hereinafter referred to as "Cloud Test"), founded in 2011, is an artificial intelligence technology-driven enterprise service platform, providing cloud testing services, AI data labeling services, security services and promotion services for more than one million enterprises and developers worldwide. With profound industry accumulation and high quality technical strength, Cloud Test provides cloud testing service, AI data labeling service, security service and promotion service for more than one million enterprises and developers worldwide. In the wave of global industrialization and upgrading, Cloud Testing accelerates the process of enterprise intelligence, digitalization and technology through the four-in-one sharing of tools, technology, talents and services. It escorts the intelligent upgrade and commercialization in various industries such as transportation, finance, real estate, industry, information, AI, education, retail, electrical appliances and Internet, releasing the power of innovation and empowering enterprises to change the world. It provides high-quality data collection and data labeling services for smart driving, smart city, smart home, smart finance, new retail and many other fields through its own data scene lab and data labeling base, and supports the processing of text, voice, image, video and other types of data in all aspects. Up to now, Cloud Data has data delivery centers and data collection bases in East China, North China and South China, and has established a good and lasting cooperation relationship with many leading enterprises in the industry, including Internet enterprises, technology enterprises and many traditional enterprises of intelligent transformation.


40. Beijing JETCO Huasheng Technology Co.



Ltd. was founded in 2000, focusing on the research and industrial application of all-round artificial intelligence technologies such as intelligent speech, intelligent semantics, intelligent vision and big data analysis, and is a leading provider of artificial intelligence technologies, products and services in China. 2011, JETCO launched a full range of artificial intelligence open platform - - LINGYUN. In 2011, JETCO launched a comprehensive AI open platform - Spirit Cloud. In terms of AI technology research and development, JETCO has 15 self-developed AI technologies, including speech recognition, speech synthesis, semantic understanding, machine translation, voice recognition, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, handwriting recognition, OCR, video analysis, keyboard input, microphone array, and big data analysis, which are fully open to the industry on the open platform of Open to industry. In terms of AI technology industrialization application, JETCO has built a three-dimensional and mutually-promoting AI product ecology consisting of LingCloud open platform, all-intelligent capability platform, all-intelligent customer service solutions, intelligent industry solutions, intelligent IoT solutions, etc.


41.Shenzhen Qianhai All-weather Intelligent Information Co.



Allsky Intelligence is a real-time big data visualization solution integrator and a professional big data analytics platform service provider, focusing on helping customers to visualize their data. The company has a team of overseas experts with 15 years of experience in business intelligence and data analysis, and has developed a convenient, secure and time-efficient real-time big data visualization and analysis platform. The company is committed to empowering enterprises with data visualization capabilities by providing one-stop services such as data integration, data analysis, data visualization, and data collaboration, and by joining hands with cloud vendors such as Microsoft, Baidu, Tencent, and Ali to provide enterprises with integrated software and hardware for big data visualization and analysis, helping enterprises solve information silos, providing value guidance for decision-making, and helping enterprises move from user growth to business growth.


42. Beibei (Beijing) Technology Co.



Bebe is an artificial intelligence company focusing on intelligent voice interaction and AI data services, with industry-leading AI voice interaction technology and high-precision data harvesting and processing technology, innovative speech synthesis, speech recognition and other intelligent interaction solutions for multiple scenarios, as well as voice interaction products such as voice reproduction, Bebe Reading, AI virtual human, etc.; data business includes The data business includes speech synthesis, speech recognition, semantic understanding, computer vision, and data crowdsourcing platform - Data Workshop. Up to now, Bebe has established cooperation with more than 100 domestic and foreign customers, including Microsoft, Baidu, Ali, Tencent, Jingdong, Drip, Byte Jump, Netease, 360, Samsung, etc., and provided more than 500 projects covering various fields such as automotive, education, customer service, retail, reading, smart hardware, etc.


43.Shenzhen Cloud Translation Technology Co.



Shenzhen Cloud Translation Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on machine translation with artificial intelligence technology as the core, and is committed to providing global industry users with leading machine translation solutions, research and development platform of natural language processing and machine translation technology. Its core technical team and translation team have been working in the field of machine translation and language service industry for more than 20 years respectively, and are in the first echelon of machine translation research in China. The company has mastered three generations of machine translation core technologies, independently developed more than 20 languages of mutual translation, and supported machine translation in 20 vertical segments such as medical, financial, patent, IT, etc. It has many successful cooperation cases, helping customers to effectively save costs and improve efficiency.


44.Shenzhen One Internet Technology Co.



Ltd., an AI company engaged in artificial intelligence enterprise service industry under Fosun, is a leading AI intelligent marketing and customer service company in China. Founded in September 2014, the national high-tech enterprises, focusing on enterprise-level AI intelligent sales and customer service platform development, application, to help enterprises achieve cost reduction and efficiency. Product scenarios cover intelligent call center, intelligent voice quality control, seat assistance, omnichannel customer service, text robot, knowledge mapping, communication assistant SCRM, AI empowerment of government, finance, automotive, Internet, education, e-commerce and other types of institutions. Currently, the company has established sales and service centers in 22 cities in China to provide the most convenient and high-quality localized services for enterprises!


45.Shenzhen One Dove Technology Co.



Shenzhen One Pigeon Technology Co., Ltd. was founded on April 24, 2017, headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, is a niche industry-focused, focused on the development and production of intelligent AI voice customer service platform, specializing in providing "communication + artificial intelligence" full-stack solutions provider, and has extensive experience in natural language We have rich experience in natural language understanding, audio processing, near-field speech recognition, call platform and other key technologies. One Pigeon has a full range of self-developed intelligent customer service voice robot, platform to meet the enterprise telephone customer service, voice notification and other scenarios, to help express logistics, banking and insurance, manufacturing, government and other industries to reduce costs and increase efficiency, improve service levels.


46. Gongdachi Innovation Technology (Shenzhen) Co.



Ltd. is a technology innovation company founded by several core technical talents and executives from well-known universities and top technology companies in China and abroad. Through our core technology and experience in product implementation, we can transform AI from manual development mode to semi-automation, significantly reduce the development cost, cycle time and usage threshold of AI for customers, and promote and accelerate the industrialization and scale up of AI. The current AI intelligent sensing device, modular design can be applied to the existing industry standard helmet, with personnel positioning, off-hat warning, danger warning, safety voice broadcast and other functions, can be customized according to industry needs, widely used in energy, public inspection and law, fire, industrial and other industries safety operations, operational guidance; effectively reduce the risk factor in the industry's safety production.


47. Leju (Shenzhen) Robot Technology Co.



Founded in March 2016, Leju (Shenzhen) Robotics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research of core robot control technology, the development and production of bipedal humanoid robot products. The company has developed and produced several product series, including Cube series, Aelos series, Pando series, Roban series, and Kuavo series, which are AI demonstration and ROS platform application robots. Since its establishment, the company has received strategic investments from Tencent, Shenzhen Venture Capital, Hongtai Fund, Qing Orange Capital, Shenzhen Newspaper Group, etc. It has been selected as one of the top 10 best venture investment cases in China by Financing China 2019, and has become the first phase of Tencent AI Accelerator, the 4th phase of Microsoft Accelerator Shanghai and the 12th phase of Lenovo Star, and has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. In August 2019, Premier Li Keqiang visited Leju and highly affirmed the company's technological research and development achievements and instructed it to "firmly grasp the key core technologies".


48.Shenzhen Chuangda Yunrui Intelligent Technology Co.



Ltd. was established in March 2015, and was certified as a national high-tech enterprise in 2017. It is the first product solution provider of EEG application research combined with artificial intelligence analysis in China, with a number of patents and core algorithms for bioelectric applications, independently developed BCI system combining hardware and software, and also provides SDK interface to developers We also provide SDK interface for developers to develop adaptations, and jointly build an industrial ecosystem of intelligent bioelectric devices. The company's current core business is focused on the medical and health field and the edutainment field, and the representative products in these two fields are UMindSleep mini EEG sleeper and UDrone mind drone. The two products have been launched in the market and won awards, and the offline appearances have been filled to capacity and reported by mainstream media at home and abroad.


49. Shenzhen Datang Computer Co.



Shenzhen Datang Computer Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, is a "national high-tech enterprise" integrating R&D, production and sales. Datang has established a long-term strategic partnership with Intel, the world's leading company in the industry, and is currently a member of Intel IoT Solutions Alliance. The current product core platform development architecture follows the update of Intel processor platform to launch multi-domain application products. With its excellent R&D strength and product quality, Datang aims to meet and guide the market demand, providing host and board products for global enterprises and individual users. Datang's R&D department has dozens of senior engineers, most of whom have many years of board R&D background. With the aim of meeting customer needs, the company provides the market with cost-effective and stable host board products as well as the whole products with fanless design, which are mainly used in the fields of commercial display, industrial automation, intelligent transportation, robotics, machine vision, cloud computing, retail terminals, etc.


50.Shenzhen Bohai Yuanda Technology Co.



Shenzhen Bohai Yuanda Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on embedded computer hardware customization, development, production, sales and service. The product architecture involves all mainstream architectures in the market, such as X86, ARM, MIPS, MCU, FPGA, GPU and RISC-V. For more than ten years, Bohai Yuanda has established industrial chain relationship with Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, ST, NXP, Rockchip, XILINX, Allwinner and other companies. Bohai Yuanda has helped many domestic and foreign customers to quickly achieve one-stop customization delivery of embedded hardware with minimal cost, time and risk.


51.Shenzhen New Vision Technology Co.



Ltd. ("Xinshiji") is an artificial intelligence enterprise invested and held by ZTE Corporation ("ZTE Group"). XinShiZhiKe focuses on the research of AI artificial intelligence technology and the development and production of related products, and is committed to providing domestic alternative solutions for domestic industrial manufacturers to upgrade their intelligent manufacturing, helping them solve digitalization, networking and intelligence problems with lower costs and more optimal solutions. Currently, the company's core technologies and solutions have been successfully commercialized in textile, glass, automotive, 3C electronics and other industries. Through the development and innovation of AI technology, SmartInspect will continue to provide quality services to the society and aim to become a global superior AI solution provider. SmartInspect Intelligent Quality Management System SmartInspect Intelligent Quality Management System is a powerful general AI machine vision solution platform developed by New Vision, which can be widely used in various complex and changing quality inspection application scenarios in textile, glass, automotive, 3C, photovoltaic, metal and other manufacturing industries, such as textile fabric defect detection, cover glass appearance inspection, metal inspection, and so on. Through artificial intelligence modeling algorithm and industrial vision technology, it can optimize the production process of traditional manufacturing industry, help enterprise customers improve inspection efficiency, enhance product quality, save labor cost, and help China's intelligent manufacturing industry transform and upgrade.
The company helps customers to improve inspection efficiency, enhance product quality, save labor cost and help China's intelligent manufacturing industry to transform and upgrade.


52. Shenzhen Zhi Lu Technology Co.



Zhi Lu Technology has an intelligent IOT cloud platform with independent intellectual property rights, providing an integrated and comprehensive solution covering end, management and cloud for intelligent IOT business systems under various complex business logic scenarios. The company has perfect products and solutions in key areas such as smart firefighting and smart community. In the field of artificial intelligence, we have developed smoke + flame composite recognition algorithm and fault arc detection algorithm for the field of intelligent firefighting. High-performance edge computing gateway, which can be applied with smart community, smart firefighting, video identification and other fields.


53. Datatang (Beijing) Technology Co.



Founded in 2011 (stock code: 831428), Data Hall (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional artificial intelligence data service provider, dedicated to providing data acquisition, processing and data product services for global artificial intelligence enterprises. Headquartered in Beijing, DataTek has 8 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries and a U.S. subsidiary in Silicon Valley, and currently has several professional data processing centers in Nanjing, Baoding, Hefei, Guiyang and other places. DataTree has data collection in more than 30 countries and partners in more than 10 countries around the world. The company's founders and partners come from Stanford University, NEC, China Mobile and other well-known universities and high-tech companies. DataThing has successfully provided AI data products and services to many domestic and foreign enterprises, including Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, Qihoo 360, Lenovo, KeDaXunFei and other top Internet and high-tech companies in China, Microsoft, NEC, Canon, Intel, Samsung, Nuance, Fujitsu and other companies and R&D institutions in China. Through researching the industry trend, with the "Human-in-the--loop" artificial intelligence data processing platform developed independently, Data Hall has accumulated more than 2000TB of its own copyright data assets and formed more than 45000 sets of its own data products to meet the R&D needs of customers in different fields. We have accumulated more than 2000TB of our own copyright data assets and formed more than 45000 sets of our own data products to meet the AI product development needs of customers in different fields. The data products cover biometrics, voice recognition, autonomous driving, smart home, smart manufacturing, new retail, OCR scenes, smart medical, smart transportation, smart security, mobile entertainment and other fields. In addition, DataTalk also provides data customization service and AI data processing platform private deployment service for customers to complete data collection and processing tasks for users' individual needs. In the process of rapid growth, DATOM insists on the values of "customer-oriented, quality-oriented, safety-compliant, and innovation-winning", and adheres to the principle of "building an intelligent data workshop, producing intelligent data in compliance, empowering artificial intelligence applications, driving industry upgrades, benefiting the public, and making the world a better place! The mission of the company is to create an intelligent data workshop, produce intelligent data in compliance, empower artificial intelligence applications, drive industry upgrades, benefit society and make the world a better place. We are determined to support AI with data and change the world with intelligence."


54.Shenzhen Yunge Artificial Intelligence Technology Co.



Shenzhen Yunge Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in February 2018. The initial team of Yunge Intelligence has many partners from famous Internet companies. Our executive team is the early pioneer of sharing economy, with more than ten years of experience in product and technology development of sharing economy, and has successfully provided services for hundreds of millions of users. The company advocates the values of "positive action, boldness and never giving up", and adheres to the product idea of "everyone for me, me for everyone" to actively solve users' pain points. We are committed to developing an artificial intelligence scheduling system, combining the latest blockchain smart contract technology to ensure the security of data transmission and access, so that every independent individual can find a channel for self-fulfillment and everything can be scheduled.


55.Wuhan Jiahe Technology Co.



Jiahe Technology adheres to the corporate mission of "improving efficiency and optimizing ecology" and has been working hard in the remote sensing information industry for many years. Our services cover remote sensing image private cloud, remote sensing image data mining, and agricultural remote sensing industry applications. Through remote sensing measurement technology, GPS positioning technology, GIS geographic information platform, crop growth trend simulation technology, data mining technology, open source database, and API cloud storage technology, the company processes and analyzes satellite images of the Earth, and can provide services including crop distribution extraction, crop growth monitoring, yield estimation, weather tracking, drought and flood warning, post-disaster damage estimation, land selection, planting plan, etc. It can provide intelligent agricultural solutions including crop distribution extraction, crop growth monitoring, yield estimation, weather tracking, drought and flood warning, post-disaster damage estimation, planting selection, planting plan and other data collection and analysis to truly realize precision agriculture and agricultural modernization.


56.Shenzhen Digital Network Internet Technology Co.



Founded in 2016, Shenzhen Digital Network Internet Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-driven enterprise focusing on big data services. The company's core business is based on big data, covering artificial intelligence, banking, insurance, communication operators and other fields, providing multi-dimensional and comprehensive data api services for enterprise users.


57.Fion Innovation Technology Nantong Co.



Ltd. was founded by three PhD graduates from Stanford, Berkeley and Tsinghua University. The core technology is 25G/100G/400G high-speed optoelectronic integrated circuits and integrated optical circuits, including core analog and mixed-signal circuits such as laser drivers, transconductance amplifiers, clock data recoverers, etc., with fully independent intellectual property rights. Since its establishment in 2014, it has focused on the industrialization of ultra-high-speed optical interconnect ICs in the field of optical communication, and has successfully developed and mass-produced optical modules, active optical fibers and telepathic chip products in optical engines, which are widely used in data centers, wireless base stations, supercomputers and other fields. The company has complete hardware and software development and high-speed testing capabilities for high-speed optical transceiver systems, and can provide customers with a complete set of optical interconnection solutions, and is currently the only local company with 25G/100G high-speed optical interconnection chip mass production capabilities and has achieved large-scale commercialization, breaking the long-term monopoly of foreign companies in this field and accelerating the large-scale commercial application of 25G/100G optical interconnection technology in China. The company is the only local company with mass production capability of 25G/100G high-speed optical interconnect chips and has achieved large-scale commercial application.


58.Beijing Ladder Image Media Technology Co.



Ladder Image Media is the creator of elevator door image media, focusing on high-end business buildings, digital offline media operators, the company to create a new blue ocean of building media with forward-looking technology to hold the core communication scene, now covers 60 cities around the world, nearly 100,000 office buildings elevators, the average daily impact of nearly 100 million business white-collar workers, and has been expanding a number of overseas markets. The company has been invested by Baidu Ventures, Sequoia Capital, IDG Capital, Tencent and 58.


59.Shenzhen Jusheng Yunzhi Lian Technology Co.



Ltd. is based on "smart family", creating an intelligent ecosystem with "smart life" as the scene, from the product perspective, focusing on product development and application and sales in the field of children's robots, service robots, smart home and Internet of Things; from the education perspective, focusing on family education content planning and production, including family education courses - really understand the child, better accompany the child's growth; committed to providing customers with one-stop artificial intelligence and Internet of Things solutions, and covers hardware access, cloud services and App software development and other fields.


60. Shenzhen Qianhai Hand Painting Technology and Culture Co.


Ltd. is China's first Internet enterprise dedicated to hand-painted video software development, platform construction and production and promotion of hand-painted related business, founded the world's first online hand-painted video production platform "to draw", and successively developed offline video production end, signed a phenomenal IP and hand-painted book related business.


61. Guangzhou Recording Network Technology Co.



"Recording La" enterprise, officially established in July 2017, is a company focused on speech recognition, using the excellent technical resources of a number of listed groups, resource integration, the current software registered customers up to 410,000 people, covering a number of industry sectors.


62.Shenzhen Xunze Technology Co.



(hereinafter referred to as "Xunze Technology") is a leading provider of asset data management and compliance risk control system development and services in China, the largest open platform for financial system services in China, and the leading provider of asset management data middle platform in China. We specialize in customizing asset management data management and risk control system solutions for private equity funds, trusts, fund subsidiaries, banks, brokerages, public offerings, insurance and other asset management institutions as well as large individual investors, using a decoupled and innovative architecture to make a new generation of asset management service systems. It mainly focuses on investment, investment research, comprehensive risk control and data analysis, and currently has more scenarios and customer deposits of application data services. Up to now, Xunze Asset Data Management Platform has a stock capital scale of over 14 trillion RMB, and the system has been running smoothly for more than 20,000 hours with more than 2,000 users.


63.Beijing Weifu Technology Co.



VeeR was founded in 2016 with a core team of returnees from Silicon Valley and Hollywood. VeeR is the only VR technology company on Forbes Asia's "30Under30" list, and has been invested by BAI, DCM, Qiming Ventures, and Junfeng Louis Vuitton. VeeR's core products include the VeeR Global VR content platform and the "Space Zero" VR immersive video experience store chain, which has the world's largest VR video content library. Space Zero" provides a full set of 8K VR immersive video experience solutions from content library to hardware and software based on the selected content of VeeR content platform. With the development of 5G industry, VeeR has cooperated with China Mobile, Telecom, Unicom and other operators to become an important partner for 5G VR image content copyright supply and content co-production.


64. Pacific Future Technology (Shenzhen) Co.



Pacific Future Technology is an AR+AI technology research and development company with self-developed AR algorithms, systems and AR hardware am glass, which has obtained more than 140 domestic and international patents and has been commercially implemented in many consumer scenes around the world. Especially in the field of cultural tourism, Pacific Future Technology has joined hands with OCT Group to implement AR projects in several Happy Valleys, and in the next 1-2 years, AR projects will cover OCT's scenic spots nationwide, truly leading the trend of consumer experience in the cultural tourism industry. Relying on the core algorithm advantage, am glass can be used not only in the cultural tourism consumption scene, but also in social entertainment, education, industry, medical, military firefighting and other fields.

65.Shenzhen Shenhai Rigel Technology Co.



HTC (HTC Communication Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1997, is the world's largest smartphone and virtual reality equipment development and manufacturer. 2015 since the global release of the HTC VIVE virtual reality headset, committed to the development of VR technology applications in the world, and in the related field of leadership. HTC VIVE Shenzhen flagship store is located in Shenzhen The flagship store of HTC VIVE Shenzhen is located in Futian District, Shenzhen, which is a high-tech experience store of virtual reality technology consumer showcase introduced by Shenzhen government, bringing the latest VR technology application experience to the general public.


66. Beijing ZhuoShiZhiTong Technology Co.



Ltd. is a leading provider of computer vision and big data technology applications and solutions, focusing on cutting-edge technologies such as face recognition, pedestrian recognition, traffic scene recognition, traffic video analysis, and big data technology, and combining 5G with industry implementation in key areas such as city brain, vehicle-road coordination, smart highway and other "new infrastructure".


67. Shenzhen Huasheng Medical Technology Co.



Shenzhen Huasheng Medical Technology Co., Ltd (wisonic) was founded in March 2013 in Shenzhen, covering products and business solutions in three areas: life information support, intelligent ultrasound imaging, and cloud-based medical services. The stock code is "872081". "To date, Huasheng products have entered more than 60 countries and regions, and more than 300 tertiary hospitals in China are already users of Huasheng products.


68. KuanPulse Technology (Beijing) Co.



Guanyin Technology, the first Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) provider in China, has a private network with global coverage, providing flexible and stable network access services and connectivity experience for global retail, online education, online games, online healthcare, remote office and other industries through industry-leading technology. The main product, AllWAN, is a NaaS network service product that combines the stability of private network and the economy of the Internet, with programmable APIs and strong scalability, solving bottlenecks in real-time network transmission, allowing business users to open remotely without contact and use across geographies and networks globally, deploying globally and using immediately. At this stage, Guanyin Technology has served more than 70 customers including China Mobile, Netease, Cheetah Mobile, VIPKID, MoShiTang, and other games, education, Internet, and operators. Guanyin Technology is committed to providing high-speed transmission, full domain coverage, fast and flexible, safe and reliable connectivity experience for global enterprise users, and continuously creating value for enterprises.


69. Shanghai Weisha Network Technology Co.



(brand name "Versa"), founded in 2017, is an artificial intelligence company with "computer vision technology" as its core. With a registered capital of RMB 100 million, the company was founded by former Gewala product partner Cai Tianyi and young scientist Zhao Weijie, and is committed to providing users with faster and more efficient creation tools and empowering creators. In February 2020, Versa completed the Series B financing of Beili Beili and became a strategic partner of Beili Beili. 2019, Versa won the Outstanding Enterprise Award in the 2019 "Startup in Shanghai" International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. In 2019, Versa won the Outstanding Enterprise Award in the 2019 "Startup in Shanghai" International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition; the champion of the growth group in the Internet Industry Competition of the 8th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition; and received support from Shanghai Cultural and Creative Industry Development Fund.


70.Shenzhen Huazhu Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co.



Shenzhen Huazhu Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd ("Huazhu Intelligent") is a global industrial Internet ecological leader, insisting on promoting China's economic take-off with world-class intelligence and making Chinese manufacturing more respectable in the world. Overseas offices and research institutes have been set up in Germany, Japan and the United States. With the industrial Internet platform as the core carrier, Huazhu Intelligence focuses on equipment interconnection, manufacturing collaboration, operation control, data intelligence and other application scenarios to provide superior products and solutions.


71.Shenzhen Radiant Intelligence System Co.



It is committed to empowering industrial upgrading with high-end, stable and reliable LIDAR environment sensing technology, and its services cover nine industrial ecosystems, including autonomous driving, intelligent transportation, rail transportation, robotics, logistics, mapping, security, ports and industrial automation. It is also the only LIDAR company in China that has independently developed 16-channel TIA chip, automatic and semi-automatic production line and 1550nm fiber laser. At the same time, the company was successfully selected as the "National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology New Generation Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Key Task Unveiling Unit", and was recognized as "Guangdong Province LIDAR Engineering Technology Research Center" by Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, as well as received Guangdong Province major science and technology special research funding. The company has also been recognized as "Guangdong LIDAR Engineering Technology Research Center" by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and has received major R&D funding from Guangdong Province.


72. Ingram Micro Electronics Trading (Shanghai) Co.



In 1997, Ingram Micro entered the Chinese market with the world's leading IT distribution management experience. With the leading distribution management experience and professional management team, Ingram Micro quickly became the leading force and industry benchmark for IT distribution in China. Adhering to the core value of "helping customers to fully realize the technology promise", we provide one-stop solutions for customers with rich products and resources in line with the business strategies and business models of vendors. At present, Ingram Micro China has set up branches in 10 key cities and 24 warehouses in 22 key cities, with Shanghai as the operation center. Ingram Micro China strategy and core competencies: leading technology solutions; business/product lifecycle services; channel financing services.


73. Bank of China Shenzhen Branch



Founded in 1978, Bank of China Shenzhen Branch has become a first-tier branch of a state-owned commercial bank with 154 branches, nearly 6,000 employees, and the largest deposit and loan scale in the market after 42 years of development. In February 2020, Bank of China Shenzhen established the Science and Technology Finance and Integrated Operation Department to further focus on high-tech enterprises and strategic emerging industries, and provide a full range of financial services to Shenzhen science and technology enterprises through "investment, loan, debt, equity, insurance and rent". Through the business of "investment, loan, debt, equity, insurance and rent", it provides a full range of financial services to Shenzhen science and technology innovation enterprises and helps to serve the whole life cycle development of science and technology innovation enterprises.


74.Shenzhen Baoneng Science and Technology Park



After nearly 7 years of development, the project has become an international technology industry eco-city integrating industrial office, technology research and development, talent apartment and business leisure, and is a benchmark project of industrial park operation in Shenzhen and even in China. The park has been awarded "Shenzhen Special Industrial Park", "Shenzhen Investment Promotion Industrial Chain Professional Park", "Shenzhen Baoneng Science and Technology Park Technology Enterprise Incubation Center", etc. by all levels. "It has played an important role as an industrial service platform for the "rise of central Shenzhen". With the operation of Baoneng Science and Technology Park, it is expected that by 2020, there will be more than 1,000 enterprises, more than 50 listed companies will be cultivated, over 50 billion output value will be formed, and the annual tax payment is expected to be over 3 billion at the same time, 232 national high and municipal high enterprises will be incubated and cultivated, 17 listed enterprises will be incubated, 71 regular enterprises will be introduced, and nearly 17,000 scientific researchers will be gathered. The park has gathered nearly 17,000 researchers and a number of high-level talents such as academicians, professors, doctors and senior engineers. The park has become an important application demonstration site and industrial cluster for the development of artificial intelligence industry, and several national laboratories (technology centers), provincial laboratories (technology centers) and joint laboratories (technology centers) in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area have been incubated for innovation in the field of artificial intelligence.


75.Shenzhen Timeshare Network Co.



Ltd. is a self-service car time-sharing platform based on the sharing economy to solve the travel problems of urban groups. Dedicated to the field of intelligent transportation, adding urban green.   


76. Hongda Communications Co.



The company relies on a strong team of international scientists, with more than 60 AI experts on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, and is committed to the underlying research and development of Chinese AI, with "human brain imitation" AI technology as the core result, exporting underlying algorithms and models to major application enterprises, and empowering Chinese AI vendors. At present, we have achieved milestones in the application areas of education, social networking, and blockchain subject identification.


77. Dazhan Hui Autonomous County Zhongguancai You Technology Co.


Based on the production and service of fiber optic gyro meter and new intelligent inertial guidance system, Dazhan Hui Autonomous County Zhongguang You Technology Co. The company has also developed the following products: fiber optic gyroscope, inclination sensor, electronic compass, fiber optic north finder, inertial measurement unit, combined navigation system, GNSS satellite navigation system, BeiDou/GPS positioning and orientation system, vertical gyro, attitude and orientation reference system, oil inclinometer system, voltage/current transformer, etc. The core team of the company is from China Aerospace, CEC, Honeywell, CSIC, Weapon Industry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other science and technology enterprises, with international leading technology advantages in gyroscope meter, automatic control technology, aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, servo control and inertial navigation control, etc. Based on young technical talents, a multi-level technology research and development team has been formed.


78.Lemtech ( Langfang ) Transmission Equipment Co.


Ltd. was established in October 2014 in Dazhan Hui Autonomous County, Langfang City, Hebei Province. The combination of the most advanced European structural design concept and oriental wisdom, the import of key components for domestic assembly, creating the most competitive linear transmission equipment manufacturers, leading the world's advanced level of linear lifting industry, a rich series of modular combination of products to provide customers with a full set of options. A wide range of electric actuators, from 10 kg to 50 tons of thrust; DC motors, AC motors, stepper motors, servo motors for drive options; common trapezoidal screws, ball screws, planetary roller screws for screw options; various protective accessories, overload accessories, closed-loop control accessories, mounting accessories, etc. make our products meet customers' various application requirements. The patented design of the screw jack, with its unique square groove housing, increases the heat dissipation capacity of the housing and extends the service life of the grease, etc. Ductile iron housing material selection, significantly improving the strength and performance of the housing, as well as the wide range of applications in high / low temperature. Square tail cover design to control the screw from spinning. Safety nut is the security of the equipment, timely monitoring the wear degree of the screw nut advanced processing equipment and processing and assembly process, is the guarantee of high product quality, advanced design concept to create a high quality product with high impact resistance, high strength, low noise, long life and small size. Modular combination enriches the product combination variation, any combination of actuator and motor/reduction motor/special function accessories, providing customers with thousands of easy choices.


79. Good Easy Write (Shenzhen) Technology Co.



Ltd. focuses on flexible liquid crystal writing technology, and is the world's leading research and development manufacturer of intelligent writing materials, pressure-sensitive writing and its equipment. In the field of new materials, pressure-sensitive writing, educational equipment has more than 40 core technologies and patents, is the first national high-tech enterprises in the pressure-sensitive writing board industry with full independent intellectual property rights. Good easy to write technology gathered the top R & D team at home and abroad, adhere to continuous innovation to create value for customers, with quality products and services to lead the industry. Intelligent LCD pressure-sensitive blackboard, pressure-sensitive writing board, writing film, electronic handwriting toys and other series of products, not only extremely low power consumption, extremely high writing accuracy and sensitivity fully comparable to hard pen writing. It has been widely used in education, office, training, stationery, toys and other fields. Relying on the excellent quality and quality service, good easy to write products sell well in the domestic market, exported to Europe, America, Japan and Korea, Russia, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other markets. Increasingly perfect production and delivery capabilities, to win the trust and cooperation of customers around the world.

80.Shanghai Xinhong Intelligent Technology Co.



We are committed to be the leading provider of artificial intelligence, big data and high performance computing solutions in China; we provide IT end-to-end solutions, including IT planning, IT outsourcing, application development, application management support; artificial intelligence, big data, high performance computing; we focus on providing solutions for education and research, automotive manufacturing, medical, financial, construction and engineering industries based on our deep insight into the industry and rich implementation experience; we treat our customers as our long-term partners and continue to create value for them by connecting the essence of modern technology and business, seeking truth and reality.


81.Hua Jin Law Firm



Founded in 2007, Huajin Law Firm upholds the values of professionalism, integrity, efficiency and enterprise, and practices the mission of making wisdom a property, insisting on integration and leading the development of the firm with values; working professionally and treating clients with virtue, Huajin has become a popular Chinese law firm in the fields of corporate compliance, intellectual property and foreign-related legal services. After more than a decade of development and accumulation, WSP has formed a law-based and professional service team, which is committed to providing first-class legal services in the field of business and litigation. We have provided IPR legal services for many global brands and represented many famous IPR litigation and administrative investigation cases, and our ability and quality have been widely recognized by both domestic and foreign clients. We have a long way to go. We have never stopped upgrading our legal professional services and continue to expand our business services to become an innovative and trustworthy legal service brand.


82. Big Road Network Technology Co.



(DALU Technology) is a big data AI technology company based in China and facing one belt and one road, headquartered in Singapore. With the disruptive and innovative use of Big Data AI technology as its soul, Big Road creatively creates intelligent digital products, outputs intelligent models in multiple fields and scenarios, and forms a full process closure of data collection, model analysis, and intelligent application. The company takes international trade, tourism and big health as application fields.


83.Shanghai Hemudu Industrial Development Co.



Hemudu ( is an industrial Internet platform focusing on smart buildings, smart cities and smart homes. Founded in Shanghai in August 2015, Hemudu is dedicated to providing system integrators and engineers with one-stop "product procurement + comprehensive services" for weak electricity, IT and information facilities. We provide one-stop solutions for system integrators and engineers of weak electrical, IT and information technology facilities, relying on "Internet+" to help users continuously optimize procurement channels, reduce costs and improve efficiency, and upgrade services. By building a digital sharing platform and linking upstream and downstream, Hemudu promotes the optimization and upgrading of the whole industry chain of intelligent buildings.


84.Tongdao Recruitment Group



Tongdao Recruitment Group, is a technology-led comprehensive platform for talent services. Empowered by technology, the hunting and hiring along the human resources value chain, continue to upgrade products and layout of new business, to provide more complete human resources services to enterprises and individuals. The company's core business is a mid- to high-end talent recruitment platform. As of June 2020, Hire has more than 59 million registered members and has served more than 620,000 high-quality enterprises. Currently, there are over 160,000 certified headhunters looking for candidates for core positions on the Hire platform.


85.Shenzhen Feizi Technology Development Co.



Shenzhen Feizi Technology Development Co., Ltd, founded in 2016, is a national high-tech enterprise, focusing on intelligent robot research and development, with nearly 100 intellectual property rights. The first product "Fei Zi intelligent chef" is a fully automatic cooking robot, can simulate the artificial cooking process, truly realize "replicate the real person cooking, restore the chef's craft", save time, energy, save heart, while eliminating the danger of grease smoke. Through the big data analysis of Fei Zi life APP, your meals will be allocated scientifically, and finally achieve a healthy diet for all. With the concept of "scientific service life", Fizi keeps innovating and breaking through to provide users with high quality products and services, making products more intimate and users more at ease.